More US military suicides

This video from the USA is called 18 U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day.

With military suicides on the rise, parents of 2 soldiers who committed suicide say Obama’s words ring hollow: here.

Army Chaplain Tries to Cure PTSD With Jesus: here.

What the Heck are U.S. Marines Doing in Costa Rica? Obama’s Tilt to the Right on Latin America: here.

U.S. Troops Can’t Access WikiLeaks Website: here.

Like a criminal publicly demanding the handover of all the evidence of his guilt, the Pentagon has demanded that the whistleblower web site WikiLeaks return more than 100,000 records of U.S. military actions in Afghanistan: here.

Following the publication of the WikiLeaks documents, German Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor Guido Westerwelle has declared that the policy of targeted killings carried out by NATO troops in Afghanistan is legal: here.

Afghanistan: how Nato forces gunned down peaceful protesters: here.

Coverage of Afghanistan‘s burgeoning anti-war movement is sadly quite scarce, though we have seen in this space some of the more interesting reporting (see here for example). Lately, however, there have been developments which shed some interesting light on the (mostly) non-violent Afghan anti-war movement: here.

The US’s mega base outside Kabul reveals Washington promises of 2011 withdrawal from Afghanistan are lies: here.

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