Little grebes and goldfinches

Today, at the beginning of the “Baillon’s crake reserve”, a flying common tern.

A black-headed gull. Juvenile and adult coots. A little grebe swimming with two chicks.

This is a little grebe video.

One ditch further, Egyptian geese with goslings.

Still another ditch further, a gadwall with ducklings.

Lesser black-backed gull and herring gull flying.

Three great cormorants on the windmill.

One ditch further: a tufted duck and a little grebe.

At the pond, a juvenile shelduck. Lapwings. A black-tailed godwit.

In the northern part, many grey lag geese. A shoveler.

Barn swallows. Starlings.

In a shrub, goldfinches. They are still juveniles, as they do not have red heads yet.

Jackdaws. Wood pigeons. Magpies. Two carrion crows.

In the northernmost meadow, Canada geese.

A male black-tailed skimmer on the path.

A tufted duck with four ducklings.

A redshank. Over ten snipe flying.

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