Australian brush-turkey chick born

This video from Australia is called Two Australian brush turkey females laying their eggs on a nest under the close supervision of the male.

According to Leidsch Dagblad daily in the Netherlands, an Australian brush-turkey chick has been born in Avifauna in Alphen.

In only two zoos in all of Europe, this species is breeding.

Contrary to most bird species, the adult birds do not sit on the eggs, but let the eggs develop in warm heaps of leaves.

Today Australia’s leading national bird conservation organisation, Birds Australia (BirdLife Partner), has launched its annual State of Australia’s Birds report. This year’s theme, Islands and Birds, provides just a snapshot as more than 8,300 islands occur within Australia’s jurisdiction: here.

Six Australian birds declared extinct, although some could have been saved: here.

ONE SPECIES AND FIVE sub-species of Australian birds that, when last surveyed ten years ago, were listed as critically endangered, are now thought to have been extinct for many years: here.

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