London zoo does not want nazi

Today, an invitation to the British Nazi Party Fuehrer Nick Griffin to attend a party at the royal palace was withdrawn.

On Twitter, it was suggested “Maybe Griffin can attend the Chimps Tea Party at London Zoo instead?”

London Zoo replied on Twitter: “We don’t want him!”

Indeed, it is very insulting to chimpanzees to compare them to a vile racist like Griffin.

As it also was insulting to chimps to compare them to warmonger George W. Bush.

A BNP activist and former parish councillor from Suffolk has been arrested by police on suspicion of a firearms offence: here.

British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin showed his true Nazi colours at a rally outside Liverpool Crown Court earlier this month, when he was pictured posing behind a “white power” flag: here.

October 2010: Thirteen tonnes of carrots and four tonnes of eggs may sound like a rather large food order – but not when you’re ZSL London Zoo: here.

5 thoughts on “London zoo does not want nazi

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