Iraq war illegal, British deputy PM says

This video from Parliament in London, England says about itself:

Nick Clegg during the PMQ’s on 21st July whilst standing in for David Cameron… calls the Iraq War Illegal…. Well done Nick for saying what many of us think.

Britain: Anti-war campaigners have challenged Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to act on his belief that the invasion of Iraq was illegal by making sure those responsible were tried for war crimes, including Tony Blair: here.

The statement by British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that the Iraq war was “illegal” leads to only one conclusion—that former Prime Minister Tony Blair and many others must immediately be arraigned on war crimes charges: here.

John Pilger: Blair must be arrested not indulged: here.

US governors visiting Iraq claimed on Wednesday that conditions in the occupied country have improved – on the same day that a car bomb blast killed 15 people in Diyala: here.

9 thoughts on “Iraq war illegal, British deputy PM says

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