BP pollution stops … really?

This is a video about seabirds and the BP oil disaster in the USA.

If the erupting Macondo well has in fact been successfully capped, the media will quickly drop the story, politicians will wind down their investigations, and BP will go back to raking in enormous profits on reckless drilling operations. But what will be left of the Gulf Coast? Here.

For the first time in 87 days, little or no oil could be escaping into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Macondo well. The new capping stack was deployed on July 11 from onboard the Transocean Discoverer Inspiration: here.

Latest Gulf oil spill bird report: 1174 captured alive, 2095 collected dead, 509 clean released: July 16 update: here.

BP and museum sponsorship: here and here.

This video from the USA is called Dozens of Heavily Oiled Birds Off La.

By Greg Butterfield in the USA:

The U.S.-based social-networking monolith Facebook has begun an all-out assault on its members, deleting three active groups that advocated for progressive and radical causes, permanently banning the accounts of four individuals who administered one group, and sending threatening messages to others.

The groups deleted include Boycott BP, a campaign against the Big Oil company responsible for one of history’s worst ecological disasters …

When Olivia Bouler saw birds coated in oil she began selling her art to save them. $180,000 later, David Usborne meets her: here.

Iran owns 24M shares of BP. The WSJ questioned BP 3 x about it. No comment. Petition: here.

BP confirms they lobbied UK government to trade a terrorist for oil rights: here.

Exploring the Crazy Conspiracy Theories Bubbling Up Around the BP Disaster: here.

BP wildlife disaster could escalate in the fall as northern birds migrate to the Gulf for the winter: here.

BP oil spill: how will it affect millions of migrating birds? Including migrating WHITE pelicans? Here.

Diving in the BP oil spill — Philippe Cousteau and Amber Lyon look at the Gulf’s “hidden” oil: here.

The oil giants to blame for Britain’s worst ever industrial explosion [in Buncefield] have been fined derisory sums which are just “a drop in the ocean”, a lawyer for those affected by the blast has said: here.

5 thoughts on “BP pollution stops … really?

  1. Don’t get me wrong. I love the USA. Having said that, it is a corporate glutton that is moaning and groaning about the oil hunter who has ventured to dangerous places to feed its unquenchable craving for oil. The real cost of that for mankind as a whole in terms of damage to the planet and the inevitable draining of finite energy reserves is beyond calculation. What sort of compensation will future generations get for this greed?

    Surely a risk assessment of the potential hazard of drilling a mile below the sea, in a region of hurricanes would have anticipated a potential disaster?

    Of course, my heart goes out to all that are affected, and indeed the damage to that precious environment. Please think again before the USA plots is course of the need for oil at all costs.



  2. Re #1: corporations like BP have far too much power in the USA (and in many other countries). Power to pollute, and, in the case of BP now, also of stopping reporters on oiled birds etc.


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