10 thoughts on “US drones killing Afghan, Pakistani, civilians

  1. Denmark loses first woman soldier in Afghanistan

    Wednesday, 02 June 2010 12:03 BJS News

    [Private Bruun was killed when her patrol vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb (Photo: Scanpix)]

    Sophia Bruun, 22, is the first Danish woman soldier to die in active service in recent years

    Army Private Sophia Bruun became the first Danish killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday when the Piranha personnel carrier she was travelling in was hit by an improvised explosive device close to Bridzar military post, located six kilometres north east of Gereskh in Helmand province.

    According to the military, Bruun was killed instantly and two of her colleagues lightly wounded in the attack. The injured soldiers were transported to Camp Bastion, the main Danish base in Afghanistan, by helicopter. Bruun was manning the gun on the personnel carrier when the attack took place.

    Four hours later, three more soldiers were wounded – one seriously – by a mine close to the place where the first attack took place.

    This is the third time that Denmark has lost a woman on an international mission. In 2003 a female lance corporal died in a traffic accident in Kosovo while a woman police officer died in the Palestinian city of Hebron in 1998.

    Denmark has lost 31 soldiers in Afghanistan since 2002, not including one soldier who committed suicide. 107 soldiers have been wounded since Danish troops moved into Helmand province in 2006.


  2. Australian special forces soldiers drug tested after suspected overdose at Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan

    * Brendan Nicholson
    * From: The Australian
    * June 03, 2010 2:13PM

    ALL of Australia’s several hundred special forces soldiers in Afghanistan are being drug tested after a young commando was found unconscious after a suspected overdose.

    The soldier was discovered on Friday after a function for troops who had returned to their base at Tarin Kowt from an extended operation against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan.

    Defence force chief Angus Houston revealed to media today that “while no findings are yet available a bottle of pills and, separately, white powder thought to be an opiate” were found in the quarters of the unnamed private.

    “However, I stress to you that analysis and medical testing to confirm the exact nature of the substance and whether it may have caused or contributed to his condition is ongoing,” he said.

    The seriously ill soldier was evacuated to Germany and his prognosis “remains uncertain”.

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    Air Chief Marshal Houston said the unit’s commander had allowed the soldiers to drink alcohol at the function but a formal inquiry headed by a civilian legal expert would be set up to examine all aspects of the episode, including the extent of drug use by Australian troops in Afghanistan. …

    The young soldier is a member of the Special Operations Task Group, which includes the SAS and commandos.

    He was evacuated to Germany for medical care after being found unconscious and unresponsive in his room at Tarin Kowt.


  3. Drone strike kills 13 in tribal region

    Pakistan: A US missile strike killed 13 people on Saturday in the North Waziristan Pakistani tribal region.

    The missile, apparently fired from a drone, struck a house in Haider Khel village near the town of Mir Ali.

    The US frequently uses missile strikes to take out alleged Taliban and al-Qaida targets in Pakistan’s north-west, especially in the tribal regions.

    Pakistan publicly protests that the strikes are violations of its sovereignty and the attacks are deeply unpopular among the Pakistani people.

    The US refuses to acknowledge the existence of the CIA-run programme.


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