US drones kill Pakistani women and children

This video says about itself:

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir criticizes President Obama for continuing unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan‘s tribal areas, a policy started under the Bush administration. Mir claims that the drones have killed many women and children, but no top al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders.

As if the people of Pakistan did not have enough misery already with the horrible floods

From DPA news agency in Germany today:

US missile attacks kill 13 in Pakistan

Peshawar, Pakistan – US pilotless drone aircraft fired three missiles into Pakistan’s tribal region along the Afghan border, killing 13 people, including women and children, intelligence officials said.

The airstrikes took place in Darga Mandi village in North Waziristan tribal district …

An intelligence official who requested anonymity said the missiles fired from a US unmanned plane destroyed parts of a mud compound.

“According to the reports we have received here four men, five women and four children died in the attack. The identities of those killed were not known yet,” the official said.

Probably we will soon have to hear that the people killed in Darga Manda village `were Taliban and-or Al Qaeda`. For, according to NATO war propaganda logic, if we kill you, then that automatically makes you Taliban and-or Al Qaeda.

Women and children in Pakistan facing floods, displacement with “no shelter and no help”: here.

Blackwater resurfaces in Pakistan. Operatives to infiltrate key cities… Has Pakistan been blackmailed by US govt? Here.

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