More German religious sexual abuse scandals

This video from Germany is called Sexual Abuse in the Church – Why Victims Oppose a Statute of Limitations.

Last month, the diocese of Limburg was one of three regions in Germany where Roman Catholic bishops refused to reply to media questions on sexual abuse scandals.

Now, however; from the FOCUS site in Germany:

Allegations of abuse have now reached the diocese of Limburg. “A few priests” are under suspicion of child abuse. Bishop Tebartz-van Elst calls for a “thorough investigation”, if necessary including public prosecution.

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9 thoughts on “More German religious sexual abuse scandals

  1. Church appeals for help with bills

    Ireland: Campaigners have expressed outrage after a Roman Catholic diocese at the centre of the child-abuse scandals appealed to its parishioners to cover some of its more than £9 million in bills to victims and lawyers.

    Eugene Doyle, the chief financial officer of the Ferns diocese, said the church had no option but to ask its faithful to help foot the bill.

    Colm O’Gorman, the former Ferns altar boy whose campaigning pressured the government into investigating paedophile cover-ups in the region, said: “The Catholic church is one of the wealthiest institutions on the planet – let it be accountable for its gross institutional failures, rather than looking to people who can ill afford to pay for those failures.”


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