6 thoughts on “NATO kills Afghan civilians once again

  1. Serbia to revive musical “Hair” in time of Iraq war

    Mon Feb 1, 2010 11:25am EST

    BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbia, where the scars of war and passions of an anti-establishment movement are still fresh, will stage the musical “Hair” for the first time in 40 years, updating the story amid the Iraq war and anti-globalism.

    Music | Lifestyle

    First staged in New York in 1968, the rock musical built an international following, with Belgrade mounting its own production in communist Yugoslavia in 1969.

    In the updated “Hair” opening on Wednesday (“Kosa” in Serbian), the main character is a philosophy professor engaged in anti-globalist action against the backdrop of an international summit rather than the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

    “The problems are all the same all over again,” said lead actor Sergej Trifunovic, who has had roles in many Serbian films as well as international productions such as “War, Inc.”

    “They had Vietnam going on over there, now we have Iraq, we have Afghanistan knocking at our door,” he told Reuters on Monday.

    The songs are in Serbian, which means the cast will be calling for “Daj nam Sunca” rather than “Let the Sun Shine In.” But in a sign of the times in the age of AIDS, the nudity that represented the sexual revolution of the 1960s in the original production has been removed for the new staging.

  2. 22.02.2010 14:50

    Afghan Council of Ministers criticizes killing of civilians by NATO forces

    Azerbaijan, Baku, Feb.22/ Trend News /

    Afghan Council of Ministers said that NATO’s killing of civilians is unforgivable, Afghanistan’s presidential press service said.

    NATO air forces bombed three passenger buses going from the city of Gacharan in the Daykendi province to Kandahar Feb.21. As a result of the attack, 33 people, including four women and a child were killed. Also, 12 people were injured.

    Afghan Council of Ministers statement condemned the actions inadmissible. The council demanded from NATO leadership to carefully examine the situation and coordinate operations with Afghan security forces.

  3. NATO kills ‘at least’ 33 civilians

    * From correspondents in Kabul
    * From: AFP
    * February 22, 2010 8:39PM

    A NATO air strike has killed at least 33 civilians in the third mistaken foreign bombing raid reported in Afghanistan in a week, forcing yet another apology from the top US commander on the ground.

    Women and children were among the civilians killed yesterday when they were attacked after being mistaken for Taliban militants who are waging an eight-year insurgency to evict Western troops, the interior ministry said.

    US General Stanley McChrystal apologised for the incident in Uruzgan province to President Hamid Karzai, who has repeatedly warned foreign and Afghan forces to take all measures possible to avoid harming civilians.

    A statement from the decision-making council of ministers, which is chaired by Mr Karzai, condemned the incident as “unjustifiable”.

    “Initial reports indicate that NATO fired Sunday on a convoy of three vehicles in Gujran district of the province of Daykundi, killing at least 33 civilians including four women and one child and injuring 12 others while they were on their way to Kandahar,” the council said.

    The strike came days after NATO forces pressing a major offensive in the south killed at least nine Afghan civilians when a rocket slammed into a house – for which Gen McChrystal also apologised.

    NATO has announced a joint investigation with Afghan authorities.

    Yesterday’s incident was the third mistaken NATO air strike in Afghanistan reported by Afghan officials in a week.

    Last Thursday, a NATO bombing raid in the northern province of Kunduz killed seven Afghan policemen, according to hospital and government officials.

    On February 15, NATO acknowledged that five civilians were killed accidentally and two others wounded in an air strike in southern Afghanistan.

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