Poem on Tony Blair and Iraq war

Tony Blair and the Iraq war, cartoon

From British daily The Morning Star:

“Wickedness defeated,” says PM as Baghdad Library Burns

Wednesday 03 February 2010

edited by John Rety

by Raymond Geuss

“A man should not appear before his family trailing body odour and stinky smells” – S Hussein

“Good has triumphed over evil, justice has overcome barbarism and the values of civilisation have prevailed” – T Blair

No more failures of hygiene,
We bathe twice a day.
Irrationality is abolished
People everywhere see reason.

Everyone buys a PC,
Justice prevails.

Ugliness is obliterated,
The whole world is beautiful.

Sadsacks are genetically modified,
Happiness abounds.

All evil is eliminated,
What remains is good.

So why should anyone
Need a library?

About the poet: Raymond Geuss, Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University, is also one of Britain’s best poets. His last book Parrots, Poets, Philosophers & Good Advice is a series of instructional poems on how to live based on the works of Plato, Catullus, Juvenal, Martial, Euripides, Sappho and Aeschylus. Topics include eating, drinking, work, indigency, old age, looks, cleanliness, sex and the posthumous evaluation of human achievement.

Bush and Blair Did Strike Iraq Deal, Says Welsh MP: here.

Former prime minister Tony Blair has been labelled a barrier to peace in the Middle East by a Labour MP following his “hawkish” comments about Iran.

Blair at the Iraq inquiry: here.

1 thought on “Poem on Tony Blair and Iraq war

  1. Star poetry editor dies suddenly

    Arts: Publisher, poet and Morning Star poetry editor John Rety died suddenly on Wednesday from a heart attack.

    Born in Hungary in 1930 and a former editor of the anarchist newspaper Freedom, he later became a well-loved figure in the world of poetry and helped to nurture and support hundreds of poets.

    Morning Star assistant editor Richard Bagley has paid tribute.

    “John Rety was a captivating, razor-sharp and caring friend whose sense of fun and energy belied his years. He was without malice or prejudice,” he said.

    “It has been a great honour to have known John and it is a deep shock to hear of his death. His family’s loss is our loss.”



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