Scotland against Trident nuclear weapons

This video is called Bertrand Russell at a ban the bomb rally.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Trident is evil’ campaigners tell Darling

Monday 20 April 2009

CAMPAIGNERS presented Chancellor Alistair Darling with an alternative budget on Monday which did not include spending on nuclear weapons.

Members of the group Scotland’s for Peace took their case to Mr Darling’s office in Edinburgh.

The group, which includes various public-sector workers, held red boxes similar to the one Mr Darling will use for Wednesday’s budget.

Pensioner Sheila Skinner and teenager Adam Holmes were among the campaigners.

Ms Skinner explained why she was taking part.

“I am a pensioner and, when we started, my husband and I had very little but we never spent what we didn’t have,” she said.

“I wanted to be there to explain things to our children and that has affected my pension now.

“As for Trident, it is evil and nothing but a waste when you think of all that’s needed on the earth.”

Mr Holmes added: “I wanted to learn carpentry and joinery and I got a job labouring with a building firm. They were going to give me an apprenticeship after a year, but then the credit crunch came along and they were laying guys off instead.”

He added: “It’s insane to spend money on Trident. Nuclear weapons in Scotland just make us a target for terrorists and it’s our generation that is affected.

“Replacing Trident would mean a nuclear future for Scotland until I am retirement age and Gordon Brown is dead. What a waste of money.”

Ousted defence minister Nick Harvey challenged David Cameron today over the “severe cost” of replacing Britain’s Trident nuclear missiles: here.

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