Mass deaths of British pensioners predicted

This video from Britain in 2007 says about itself:

National Pensioners Convention – March and Convention for UK pensioners – held each year in Winter Gardens Blackpool

From British daily The Morning Star:

Pensioners prepare for a bleak winter

(Tuesday 06 January 2009)


NEW Labour has failed to stop the rising number of pensioner deaths, campaigners warned on Tuesday, predicting that the freezing weather could see 12 older people die every hour.

Since new Labour took power in 1997, over a quarter of a million pensioners have died due to the cold, equivalent to the population of a city the size of Newcastle.

New figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that 25,300 older people died last winter as a result of cold-related illnesses, underlining the genuine misery faced by many hard-pressed pensioners.

The National Pensioners Convention urged the government to take immediate action to tackle the rising number of cold-related deaths. General secretary Joe Harris pointed out that since 1997 the government has appeared “incapable” of acting to stop these deaths.

Gordon Brown’s ‘public works’ job plan doesn’t add up: here.

600-year-old London brewery to close: here. And here.

8 thoughts on “Mass deaths of British pensioners predicted

  1. Fears over threat to fuel allowance

    PENSIONERS: Elderly people will die if the winter fuel allowance becomes means-tested, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has warned.

    The environment, food and rural affairs select committee suggested that OAPs should no longer get the benefit by right.

    But NPC leader Dot Gibson warned: “We have 20,000 pensioners dying every year from cold-related illnesses and if the winter fuel allowance is means tested that figure will certainly increase.”


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