Britain’s accident prone nuclear weapons fleet

This video from Britain says about itself:

A short film of the demonstration on the streets of London in February 2007. Thousands marched from Hyde park to Trafalgar square to protest against the government’s proposed renewal of Britain’s nuclear arsenal, and against the continued intervention in Iraq.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Minister reveals ‘shocking’ amount of nuclear collisions

Friday 03 April 2009

ANTI-NUCLEAR campaigners were “deeply shocked” on Friday by the admission of Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth that 14 nuclear-powered submarines have been involved in collisions since 1988.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Ainsworth also revealed that 237 fires had occurred on boats in the fleet and that 21 of these “medium-scale” fires had resulted from “a failure of mechanical equipment creating smoke and flame requiring use of significant onboard resources.”

HMS Vanguard and French sub Le Triomphant, both carrying nuclear warheads, were damaged in a collision in the mid-Atlantic in February. Experts believe that both subs would have had their sonar systems switched off to prevent detection.

Reacting to the minister’s comments, CND chairwoman Kate Hudson urged the government to reconsider the use of nuclear reactors in naval vessels.

Speaking in Strasbourg, where the NATO summit got under way on Friday, she said: “This government admission reveals the high levels of danger associated with nuclear-powered submarines.

“It has confirmed public fears with regard to environmental and health concerns, not least to those Royal Navy personnel who serve on these submarines.”

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