More British nuclear weapons spending

This is called Trident poisons Scotland – Nuclear leaks – Faslane – a 2009 clip.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Con-Dems put extra £350m into Trident

Monday 29 October 2012

by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

Anti-nuke campaigners laid into the government today for its new plan to spend £350 million more on replacing Trident despite the fact no official decision has been made on the missiles’ future.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is said to be preparing to announce today that he’ll dump the extra cash into a new generation of nuclear-armed submarines.

That’s in addition to £350m worth of design work revealed earlier this year, the MoD said.

Mr Hammond will make the announcement at the Faslane sub base in Scotland.

That makes it doubly controversial, as the SNP has vowed to kick the nukes out of the country if Scots vote for independence in 2014.

But Mr Hammond said: “We have no plans to move the nuclear deterrent from the Clyde. On the contrary, we intend to move the Astute and Trafalgar Class attack submarines to Faslane, creating a further 1,500 jobs.”

Just last week the Commons Scottish affairs committee called on Westminster and Hollyrood to work out the consequences of moving the nuke subs from the Clyde.

And CND general secretary Kate Hudson said today: “As the government faces crisis on a number of fronts, this is a transparent attempt to boost its credibility by looking tough on defence, ignoring the fact that a decision has not yet been taken on whether or not Trident will be replaced.

“But this is also a shabby attempt to intervene in the Scottish independence debate over jobs at Faslane, hard on the heels of last week’s Scottish affairs committee recommendation that the government should consider what will happen to Trident in the event of an independence vote.

“The overwhelming majority of the Scottish population opposes Trident, irrespective of whether or not Scotland is independent and understand that Trident actually takes jobs out of Scotland. Wherever they are located, nuclear weapons are a dead end, for our industry and for our economy.”

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