11 thoughts on “US taxpayers still pay Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq

  1. Licence to kill

    The Morning Star recently highlighted government plans to license private security companies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Politicians think the new mercenaries are respectable. I recently read one security officer’s memoirs showing that they are not.

    Robert Cole was a US ex-cop who trained Iraqi police for a company called DynCorp.

    In his book Under The Gun In Iraq, he describes his own training at DynCorp’s US boot camp before setting off for Baghdad.

    DynCorp’s trainer tells Cole to forget “those sissy-ass disciplines” used in the US. If he sees a suspicious character approaching, he should “gun him down. You don’t fire one shot. You don’t fire two shots. You riddle his sorry ass with bullets until you are sure he is as dead as a door-knob,” adding: “There are no rules over in Iraq. It’s a war zone. If you perceive any kind of threat, even if no-one’s fired a shot at you, not even thrown a spit ball, you will aim and you will fire, and you will shoot to kill.”

    DynCorp also has extensive security contracts in Afghanistan, which may help to explain why that occupation is also unpopular with the locals.



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