Blackwater mercenaries unwelcome in Iraq

This is a video from the USA about Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq.

From the BBC:

Iraq ends licence for Blackwater

Iraq will not renew the licence of US security firm Blackwater, which was involved in an 2007 incident in which at least 14 civilians were killed.

An interior ministry spokesman said the US embassy had been told it will have to use another security company.

The killings took place when Blackwater guards opened fire in Nisoor Square, Baghdad, while escorting an American diplomatic convoy.

The firm says its guards were acting in self-defence but witnesses and relatives of those killed maintain that the shooting was unprovoked.

Children were among the victims.

The killings strained Iraq-US relations and raised questions about the oversight of US contractors operating in war zones.

After the incident, the Iraqi government pressed Washington to withdraw Blackwater from the country, but the security firm’s contract was renewed in 2008.

A new US-Iraqi security agreement gives Baghdad the authority to determine which Western security companies operate in the country.

Dutch NOS TV says:

In a reaction, the corporation says that officially, it has not yet heard anything about departure from Iraq.

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