Blackwater profits from Somalia bloodbath?

This video from the USA is called Ex-Blackwater Chief Turns Up In Somalia.

From the New York Times in the USA:

Blackwater Founder Is Said to Back African Mercenaries


Published: January 20, 2011

WASHINGTON — Erik Prince, the founder of international security giant Blackwater Worldwide, is secretly backing an effort by a controversial South African mercenary firm to insert itself into Somalia’s bloody civil war by protecting government leaders, training Somali troops, and battling Islamic militants there, according to Western and African officials.

The disclosure comes as Mr. Prince sells off his interest in the company he built into a behemoth with billions of dollars in American government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, work that mired him in controversy and lawsuits amid reports of reckless behavior by his operatives, including the deaths of civilians in Iraq. His efforts to wade into the chaos of Somalia appears to be Mr. Prince’s latest endeavor to remain at the center of a campaign against Islamic radicalism in some of the world’s most war ravaged corners. Mr. Prince moved to the United Arab Emirates late last year.

According to a report by the African Union, an organization of African states, Mr. Prince provided initial funding for a project by Saracen International to win contracts with Somalia’s embattled government.

Ethiopian military forces, who routinely cross into Somalia soil, have started searching public buses and trucks using parts in Hiran region in central Somalia, witnesses said on Friday: here.

At least 4 civilian people have been wounded in Mogadishu after African Union peacekeepers fired [at a] civilian bus, witnesses said on Tuesday: here.

African Union peacekeepers in Somalia on Wednesday took their apology for Mogadishu civilian casualties one [day] after AU soldiers opened live gunshots on civilian people, who rushed to help a little boy hit accidentally by vehicle in Mogadishu, wounding four innocent civilian people: here.

Case Against Blackwater Guards Resurrected By Appeals Court: here.

Richard Rouget, a gun for hire over two decades of bloody African conflict, is the unlikely face of the American campaign against militants in Somalia: here.

International Development Solutions, a recent joint venture between Blackwater-spinoff U.S. Training Center and a different security company, just received a task order under the State Department’s $10 billion Worldwide Protective Services contract to protect Jerusalem-stationed U.S. diplos. Jeff Stein reports that the bid is as much as $84 million. Israeli drivers, watch out: here.

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