Egypt freedom fight continues

Another video is called Hosni Mubarak – How America “Promotes Freedom” in Egypt.

The Egyptian people defied President Hosni Mubarak’s riot police and plain-clothes goons again today by staging massive rallies across their country demanding democratic rights and social justice: here.

A classical Arab idiom maintains that a flood begins with a mere droplet. For freedom-aspiring citizens across the Middle East, Tunisia was akin to the first shower of rain. Two weeks ago, no one could have predicted the overthrow of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s repressive regime in Tunisia. Today, the chatter of citizens and officials across the Middle East is when, not if, the “Tunisia scenario” will completely unfold in Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country. Egyptians have struggled for many decades with an authoritarian regime whose rule is marred by repression, corruption, and political and economic stagnation: here.

Last summer, Erik Prince boasted “Blackwater continues to train ‘security personnel’ from Egypt“: here.

WikiLeaks cables show close US relationship with Egyptian president: here.

Leaked cables: Torture, brutality a ‘daily occurrence’ in Egypt prisons: here.

Britain: Amnesty International UK launched a stinging broadside today at government plans to make it easier to send people back to countries that use torture.

Egypt Protests: LIVE Updates As Opposition Fills The Streets: here.

The first and most fundamental principle is that we have a right to connect. Egypt violated that principle — that human right — today: here.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Egyptian embassy in London today in a show of solidarity with thousands of anti-government activists in Cairo and other cities: here.

Egyptian socialist: ‘We can make Mubarak run like Ben Ali’: here.

The latest Cairo uprising protest video: here.

Egypt’s Internet shut off–but how? The blackout explained: here.

The uprising in Egypt today demonstrates how discontent and unhappy Egyptians are with the state elite: here.

Embassy cable shows Joe Lieberman ‘sought advice’ from Gamal Mubarak: here.

Photo: Tear gas canisters used by Egyptian riot police come stamped “MADE IN U.S.A.”: here.

Idiots: Fox News: groups linked to al-Qaida “in danger of taking over the government in Cairo”: here. Rupert Murdoch is probably scared that a post-Mubarak government will buy less arms from his military industry cronies. I saw interviews with protest organizers: very “secular”, women without headscarves. Many Christians also participating …

Egypt LiveBlog: 11 killed in Suez today; 150 injured, 20 critical: here.

List of global Egypt solidarity rallies: here.

Tunisia’s prime minister has appointed independents to three key posts in the country’s new interim cabinet and removed more ministers from the disgraced former ruling party in a bid to take the steam out of ongoing pro-democracy protests.

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