Suriname, scarlet ibis and jaguar

This video says about itself:

The Amazon rainforest is home to a bewildering array of wildlife, including macaws, toucans, tyrant flycatchers, capybaras, tapir, sloths, squirrel monkeys, red howler monkeys, jaguars, caimans, anacondas, tarantulas, leaf-cutter ants, scarlet ibis, and black skimmers.

Suriname, 22 February.

After the nightly green turtle watching, still at Baboensanti.

On the beach, sanderlings. Sanderlings: these birds are one of the few bird species which one can see both in Europe and Suriname (and in Australia).

Quite some wood, and a piece of rope, with barnacles on it.

A scaled pigeon in a tree.

About 45 scarlet ibises flying over the sea.

A forest walk.

Yellow-rumped cacique; see also here.

Squirrel monkeys not far away.

Red-bellied macaws.

A tortoise between the trees: Geochelone carbonaria; red-footed tortoise.

An armadillo-made hole in the forest floor. Not made by a giant armadillo, like in the Kayser mountains. A smaller hole, by a nine-banded armadillo, a smaller species.

When we reach a savanna at the forest edge, brown-throated parakeets in treetops.

A pirate flycatcher.

A turkey vulture.

Jaguar footprints and faeces.

Frigatebirds overhead, showing that we are not really far from the sea yet.

On the beach in the afternoon.

Many black vultures, but also red-bellied macaws flying noisily.

A green turtle, killed by a jaguar. Acorn barnacles on its back. Tonight, we will see living turtles again.

Magnificent frigatebird in Britain: here.


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