Suriname, 11th day, tapir and tamarins

This video is about a Brazilian tapir (Tapirus terrestris) which had been attacked by dogs.

13 February. After yesterday, today our last day in south-west Suriname.

In the morning, the sound of the little chachalaca.

And the usual morning concert by the red howler monkeys.

Red-and-green and blue-and-yellow macaws.

The ringed kingfisher on its customary tree.

A blue-throated piping guan.

A scaled pigeon. A blue-grey tanager. A bat falcon.

A female red-legged honeycreeper.

A blue-headed parrot.

Painted parakeets.

Orange-winged parrots.

Not far from the airstrip is an aircraft wreck. It is from 1960, shortly after the start of the airfield. The US American crew got wounded, but was rescued. The wreck is still there. Close to it, tapir tracks. Deep and big footprints by the biggest land animal of South America.

Little cuckoo sound.

In the jungle, a group of golden-handed tamarins, in trees not far away. They are the smallest of the eight monkey species of Suriname.

There are holes in the forest ground: made by giant armadillos (the living species, about 90 centimeter in size. Not to be confused with prehistoric glyptodonts, several meter in size).

A blue morpho butterfly.

Back to the buildings.

A red-billed pied tanager.

A bare-necked fruitcrow sitting close to a building.

13:45: two swallow-tailed kites.

Turquoise tanagers in the cecropia close to the building.

Three king vultures.

Then, something even bigger than a king vulture in the air: the plane to take us back. It lands. The amphibian research people get out. A woman of the “frog” group asks me what I think has been the highlight during my stay in the Kaysergebergte. I reply: “the capped heron on the river bank, with the osprey with a fish in its claws flying overhead”.

Surinamese frogs in Rotterdam zoo: here.

At 15:30, our aircraft takes off.

At 15:55 we pass the Tafelberg mountain.

At 16:35, we are over the savanna belt between the rainforests of the interior and the coastal lowlands.

16:50: we land in Paramaribo. A great kiskadee.

In the evening, a barn owl sound.

Brazil: Researchers have dubbed the monkey Mura’s saddleback tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis mura) named after the Mura Indians, the ethnic group of Amerindians of the Purus and Madeira river basins where the monkey occurs: here.

Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 94 – The Golden Lion Tamarin: here.

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