Suriname 10th day, herons and osprey

This video from Suriname is about a blue-and-yellow macaw and a capuchin monkey playing with each other.

Again, in south-west Suriname, on 12 February; like yesterday. During the night, a common potoo had been heard.

In the morning, a barn swallow.

A ringed kingfisher, in the same tree as yesterday.

Two red-and-green macaws.

A scaled pigeon. A lineated woodpecker. A palm swift.

A plain-breasted ground dove.

A blue-throated piping guan in a treetop.

A black-necked aracari.

A green aracari in a tree.

Two swallow-winged puffbirds on leafless branches.

A blue-grey tanager.

A bare-necked fruit crow.

On the airstrip, capybara droppings and footprints.

A piratic flycatcher. It is named from stealing nesting material from other birds’ nests.

A flame-crested tanager.

A red-throated caracara.

The sound of a russet crowned-crake.

Then, brown-throated parakeets.

A swallow-tailed kite.

This video says about itself:

Note: This video has some loud wind noise.
One of a pair of swallow-tailed kites circling above our “post office pond.”

A great black hawk, A black caracara.

A fork-tailed woodnymph hummingbird.

A morpho butterfly flying over a tributary of the Zuidrivier.

A pompadour cotinga.

At 16:00, again by boat on the Zuidrivier. Today, upstream.

A white-necked heron.

In the trees, a mixed group of squirrel monkeys and brown capuchin monkeys.

White-banded swallows over the water.

A paradise jacamar in a tree with hummingbirds.

A plumbeous kite.

Then, a brown jacamar in a tree, also sharing it with hummingbirds: white-necked jacobins.

A white hawk.

The boat turns back.

This video is called Capped Heron, Garza Crestada (Pilherodius pileatus).

On the right bank, a capped heron standing on a tree which has fallen into the river. Suddenly, a big bird flies about two meters above the heron. It is an osprey with a fish in its claws.

An Amazon kingfisher. A white-throated piping guan.

In the evening, a tarantula in the toilet. More about those spiders: here. A bat in a dormitory. A cane toad close to the building. Everywhere, the sound of many frogs. After our team, a team of amphibian specialists will stay here. There is much for them to discover here.

Jacamars in Ecuador: here.

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