New list of ‘Top 25 stories’ censored in the big media in the USA

In this video from the USA, ‘Zoe Huffman explains how each year PROJECT CENSORED compiles an annual list of “25 most censored stories from the mainstream media”. Here, Zoe tells us which hot-button issues in 2006 were too hot for the MSM to handle.’

From Crooks and Liars, about Project Censored in the USA:

Every year they compile a list of the top 25 news stories that you just didn’t hear about through the traditional media.

From the site of Project Censored:

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

#1 No Habeas Corpus for “Any Person”

Consortium, October 19, 2006
Title: “Who Is ‘Any Person’ in Tribunal Law?
Author: Robert Parry …

#2 Bush Moves Toward Martial Law

Toward Freedom , October 25, 2006
Title: “Bush Moves Toward Martial Law
Author: Frank Morales …

# 3 AFRICOM: US Military Control of Africa’s Resources

Source: 2/21/2007
Title: “Understanding AFRICOM
Author: Bryan Hunt …

[See also here.]

# 4 Frenzy of Increasingly Destructive Trade Agreements

Oxfam International, March 2007
Title: “Singing Away The Future” …

#5 Human Traffic Builds US Embassy in Iraq

CorpWatch, October 17, 2007
Title: “A US Fortress Rises in Baghdad: Asian Workers Trafficked to Build World’s Largest Embassy
Author: David Phinney …

#7 Behind Blackwater Inc.
Source: Democracy Now! January 26, 2007
Title: “Our Mercenaries in Iraq: Blackwater Inc and Bush’s Undeclared Surge
Author: Jeremy Scahill …

#8 KIA: The US Neoliberal Invasion of India

Democracy Now! December 13, 2006
Title: “Vandana Shiva on Farmer Suicides, the US-India Nuclear Deal, Wal-Mart in India
Author: Vandana Shiva with Amy Goodman …

# 11 The Scam of “Reconstruction” in Afghanistan

Sources:, August 27, 2006
Title: “Why It’s Not Working in Afghanistan
Author: Ann Jones …

# 12 Another Massacre in Haiti by UN Troops

Sources:, January 21, 2007
Title: “UN in Haiti: Accused of Second Massacre”
Authors: Haiti Information Project …

# 14 Impunity for US War Criminals

Congressional Quarterly, November 22, 2006
Title: “A Senate Mystery Keeps Torture Alive—and Its Practitioners Free
Author: Jeff Stein …

# 17 Drinking Water Contaminated by Military and Corporations

Environment News Service, March 24, 2006
Title: “Factories, Cities Across USA Exceed Water Pollution Limits”
Author: Sunny Lewis …

# 18 Mexico’s Stolen Election

AlterNet, August 2, 2006
Title: “Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México
Author: Chuck Collins and Joshua Holland …

# 23 Feinstein’s Conflict of Interest in Iraq

North Bay Bohemian, January 24, 2007
Title: “Senator Feinstein’s Iraq Conflict
Author: Peter Byrne

Student Researcher: David Abbott, Amanda Spigut, and Ann Marie O’Toole
Faculty Evaluator: David McCuan, Ph.D.

Dianne Feinstein—the ninth wealthiest member of congress—has been beset by monumental ethical conflicts of interest. As a member of the Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee (MILCON) from 2001 to the end of 2005, Senator Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to her husband’s firms.

‘Liberal’ media in the USA: here.

How powerful is the mass media? Here.

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