US soldier’s family brings legal action against British mercenaries Erinys

This video from the USA is called [Iraqi blogger] Raed Jarrar on the Iraq Oil Law.

By Suzanne Goldenberg, in British daily The Guardian, in Washington:

US soldier’s family brings legal action against British private security firm

· Erinys guards accused of causing death in Iraq
· Authorities close down UK contractors in Afghanistan

Tuesday October 30, 2007

A British private security firm hired to protect the oil installations of post-invasion Iraq is being sued for causing the death of an American soldier.

The case against the Erinys security firm, which reportedly has close ties to the former Iraqi exile Ahmed Chalabi, is believed to be the first brought against a private security contractor operating in Iraq by a member of the US military.

It comes at a time of rising unease about the actions of private security firms in Iraq after 17 Iraqi civilians were shot dead in Baghdad by Blackwater guards travelling with a convoy of US diplomats.

The suit against Erinys, filed last week in Houston, was brought by the father of Specialist Christopher Monroe, who was struck by an Erinys convoy on October 25 2005. He was on guard duty in southern Iraq when he was struck and killed by a speeding Erinys vehicle, the suit alleges.

“The family just didn’t have the answers that they were seeking,” said Tobias Cole, a lawyer for the family. “For example, why did their son die on a non-combat mission? There was no reason to have extreme driving, no reason to drive without headlights, no reason to drive at speed through a parked convoy.”

Monroe, 19, was the third generation of his family to serve in the US military and was an eager recruit. He enlisted before finishing secondary school at the age of 17. The lawsuit alleges the four vehicles in the Erinys convoy were driving at an estimated speed of up to 80mph on a dark road using only their parking lights. The Erinys vehicles were not under fire, and they were not carrying high-profile passengers.

Monroe’s right leg was sheared off by the force of the collision, and he was thrown 40ft into the air.

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