Dinosaur discoveries in Thailand and elsewhere


This is a documentary video of the discovery of dinosaur egg fossils in Gujarat, India.

From the Bangkok Post in Thailand:

Jurassic finds in Loei province

More than 10 new items of dinosaur remains have been found in Thailand, this time in Phu Kradung district of Loei province.

Natural Resources and Environment ministry officials revealed that the Jurassic finds were all in rather good condition. Dinosaur footprints were also found, believed to have been from the Triassic period, or around 210 million years ago.

Dinosaur fossils were also discovered along the Phu Phan mountains – a vast mountainous area between Kalasin and Mukdahan provinces where more than 200 fish fossils were discovered. The head and upper body fossil of a crocodile was also found.

Palaeontologists say Jurassic finds in the northeastern region of Thailand prove that the region was, millions of years ago, once a dinosaur habitat.

From Discovery Channel:

Oct. 17, 2007 — It’s bad enough to misplace a finger, much less have it lost for 65 million years. But after decades of searching, paleontologists at Montana’s Hell Creek have found the missing third finger of one of Tyrannosaurus rex‘s undersized “hands.”

The finger suggests that T. rex had a powerful wrist and its hands were probably able to hold onto chunks of flesh while the monster’s gnarly jaws did all the killing.

The newfound bone is a right metacarpal, equivalent to one of the long bones in the palm of a human hand, explains T. rex investigator Elizibeth Quinlan of Fort Peck Paleontology, Inc., in Fort Peck, Montana. She plans to present the discovery on Oct. 28 at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver.

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