Polish troops kill Afghan civilians, ministry says

This is a video from United States Democratic Party people about civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

NATO bombs kill Afghan civilians again: here.

Reuters reports:

WARSAW, Aug 22 – Polish soldiers killed several Afghan civilians in a clash with insurgents last week, Poland‘s defence ministry said on Wednesday. …

The incident took place on Aug. 16 in the southeastern province of Patika, close to the Pakistani border. Poland has some 1,100 soldiers in Afghanistan as part of a NATO mission.

A ministry spokesman told Polish television that “several civilians” were killed but declined to give the exact number.

Poland: Four soldiers were convicted yesterday of having killed civilians while deployed to Afghanistan as part of the US-led coalition that invaded the country in 2001. The officers said they were not responsible for the deaths of villagers in Nangar Khel, blaming “faulty ammunition.” The court disagreed but cleared them of war crimes charges, saying they had been “lax about their orders” and only issuing suspended sentences: here.

On March 19, the Military District Court in Warsaw cleared of war crimes four Polish soldiers accused of killing civilians during their mission in Afghanistan in 2007. The five-judge court declared that “there was a lack of convincing proof that the war crime was committed”: here.

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