Afghan civilians killed in NATO air strike

Bush administration and civilian dead in Afghanistan; cartoon

About Afghanistan. Afghanistan, by Tariq Ali: here.

From ANI news agency:

Afghan civilians killed in NATO air strike

Kabul | August 04, 2007 5:19:53 PM IST

Many Afghan civilians were killed and fifty others wounded in a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan‘s southern Helmand province late on Thursday night. …

The BBC reported that at least 50 people were admitted to a provincial hospital. The injured victims said they had been at a market when the bombardment happened. They confirmed the civilian deaths.

14 thoughts on “Afghan civilians killed in NATO air strike

  1. Does NATO run a Peace mission or barbaric in Afghanistan?
    by Left Radicals of Afghanistan (LRA)

    US imperialism and its European allies have been justifying their criminal and plundering mission and war in Afghanistan as a ‘Peace mission’. They expect our people to thanks for their merciful invasion and making Afghanistan as a colonial country and establishing a puppet regime here which has no determination and independence!

    For several times Karzai asked U.S. and NATO to coordinate their military operations with Afghan army to prevent civilians’ casualties, but no one paid attention him, even while he cried and wept before his foreign masters!

    Killing of civilians during any military operations has changed to a hobby for blood-thirsty occupiers. They offer stupid reasons for committing such crimes within bombardments as inevitable part of operation?! But how can they justify opening fire on civilians following an explosion or suicide attack?

    Full article:


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