Gay Poles flee from state persecution

This satiric video is about Gay Teletubbies, because of Polish government opposition to this in their view homosexual children’s TV series.

From British weekly The Observer:

Gay Poles head for UK to escape state crackdown

Thousands flock to Britain as Health Ministry unveils plans to ‘cure’ them

Colin Graham in Warsaw

Sunday July 1, 2007

Polish gay rights groups claim thousands of homosexuals have fled the country to escape increasing persecution.

Robert Biedron, 27, the head of the Polish Foundation Against Homophobia, said that ‘huge numbers’ of Polish gays had left the country following the rise to power of the right-wing government. He said: ‘It is incredible. The Polish gay community has just left because of the climate of fear and persecution.

‘Most of the people I know are now in England because of the current political situation. Not for economic reasons, but because of the persecution of homosexuals going on here. It’s impossible for gays to be themselves in Poland.’

Abortion in Poland: here.

2 thoughts on “Gay Poles flee from state persecution

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