Asian snake species uses frogs’ poison

This video says about itself:

Tiger Keelback Snake – Rhabdophis tigrinus

The tiger keelback snake lives in Japan and uses its poisons for defense rather than attack.

From Laura Hastings:

Asian Snake Capitalizes on Frogs’ Poisons

The Asian snake (Rhabdophis tigrinus) feeds on poisonous frogs and has evolved the ability to tolerate the frogs’ toxins (called ‘bufodienolides’) in its diet.

Recent research has now revealed that the snake can store the toxins in glands in its neck for use in its own defense.

When faced by a predator, the snake will entice their attacker to bite them near the poison-filled glands.

The poison in the glands is then transferred to the predator’s mouth during the attach and if ingested can debilitate or kill the predator.

Find out more: Snake ‘Steals’ Toad Toxins for Defense Against Predators (National Geographic).

Iwasaki snail eating snake: here.

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