March of the (emperor) penguins: film review

This video is called March of the Penguins, part 1, subtitled in Korean.

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1/4/06 at 4:30PM

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Originally, there was a French film, called La marche de l’empereur.

Then, this film on emperor penguins became a big hit in 2005 in United States cinemas, as March of the Penguins.

Now, it is also in cinemas in other countries.

In The Netherlands and Dutch speaking Belgium, with comedian Urbanus as narrator.

Apart from the penguins themselves, the film shows also their environment: the magnificent icebergs, the snowstorm swept mountains and plains …

And their prey: krill crustaceans, and Antarctic fish.

And their predators: leopard seals.

And, especially a danger to chicks: southern giant petrels.

In fact, these are distant relatives of penguins.

As the film notes, long ago the Antarctic continent had a temperate climate, with forests and hundreds of species of animals.

Then, scores of millions of years ago, some flying seabirds adapted to even better flying and became petrels, albatrosses, and their relatives.

While others gave up flying and adapted to swimming in the cold Antarctic ocean, and became penguins.

While I in the Antarctic saw southern giant petrels and Adelie penguins, the second most southern penguin species, the breeding areas of the southernmost, and biggest, penguin, the emperor, were too far to the South.

Penguins walking: here.

Penguins and tourists: here.

King penguins: here.

Penguins of Edinburgh zoo: here.

Krill: here.

Global warming in the Antarctic: here.

15 thoughts on “March of the (emperor) penguins: film review

  1. RE: March of the (emperor) penguins: film review
    Posted by:
    Rhomethyrst’s Revenge

    Date: 01/04/06 at 4:57 PM
    Hi Kitty,

    Thanks you for your New Year wish…I wish you a Happy New Year as well! I rented the March of the Penguins a few nights ago…it was great. I couldn’t help but to think of the great photos posted on your blog as I watched the film. Whew, such persistence…

    I have been totally immersed in a battle, actually a war, against land grabbers trying to glom onto some 14.30 acres of publicly-owned property. We formed a Citizens Association, raised a bunch of money over the holidays, and took’m all o court on December 28th. The preliminary hearing has yet to occur. I will post a series of local articles and my op-ed pieces on the history of this land-grabbing scheme in the next month or two, along with an update of the court proceedings. Maybe the little guys can win! It feels good to be back in the fight for justice…I have been absent for a long time, way too long… Best regards,


    RE: March of the (emperor) penguins: film review
    Posted by:
    Date: 01/04/06 at 5:22 PM (2M1w ago)
    Hi Rhomethryst, thanks for your reaction! Does this Citizens Association have an Internet site? Good luck!


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