Iraqi women: try US soldier rapist as a war criminal

Bush and women of Iraq, cartoonFrom The Gulf Today:

Rapist is war criminal, women of Iraq declare

BAGHDAD: A former US soldier accused of raping an Iraqi girl and then killing her and her family should be tried as a “war criminal,” a group of Iraqi women said on Wednesday.

They also called on the Iraqi government and parliament to “immediately end the immunity enjoyed by occupation forces from Iraqi justice and to make this retroactive for all other abuses committed,” since the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Some 150 women linked to political parties and rights groups issued a list of demands over the case in which Iraq veteran Steven Green and five current servicemen were allegedly involved in the rape of a [fourteen years] young girl on March 12 and then killing her, her sister and parents.

The alleged crimes took place at the family’s home in the town of Mahmudiyeh, south of Baghdad.

This, and more, rape cases in Iraq: here.

Iraqi blogger Riverbend on this: here.

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