Bush on Iraq echoes LBJ on Vietnam

Iraq war, cartoon

From Associated Press:

WASHINGTON Sep 21, 2005 — Bush officials bristle at the suggestion the war in Iraq might look anything like Vietnam.

Yet just as today’s anti-war protests recall memories of yesteryear, President Bush’s own words echo those of President Johnson in 1967, a pivotal year for the U.S. in Vietnam.

“America is committed to the defense of South Vietnam until an honorable peace can be negotiated,” Johnson told the Tennessee Legislature on March 15, 1967.

Despite the obstacles to victory, the president said, “We shall stay the course.”

After 14 Marines died in a roadside bombing on Aug. 3, Bush declared: “We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq.

And the job is this: We’ll help the Iraqis develop a democracy.”

7 thoughts on “Bush on Iraq echoes LBJ on Vietnam

  1. I don’t think that we should be in Iraq right now. Actually i think that we should. i can view either way on this. We should because if we arn’t there they would most likely be here. But if we are there we are dieng. i don’t know.


  2. Hi Kate, you write:”if we arn’t there they would most likely be here”. With “we” you probably mean US armed forces. Whom do you mean with “they”? Al Qaeda? If Bush would not have attacked Iraq in 2003, they would have had far less recruits, and would never have been in Iraq (the US government has admitted there had never been any Iraq-Al Qaida link, though as a lie that was a pretext in 2003 for attacking Iraq; Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein always really hated each other).

    Or do you mean with “they” “terrorists”? Terrorists were in the USA long before 2003, most of them fundamentalist Christians blowing up doctors, and Timothy McVeigh of the Oklahoma bombing.


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