The Netherlands: green heron. Yellow and pink flowers

Green heronA green heron is present.

Not that special, if you live in the USA.

However, this green heron is on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

See here.

In The Netherlands, this is a very rare bird.

Maybe it did not like George W Bush?

Today, near the water near the library, marsh marigold and cuckoo flower flowering.

Juvenile green heron photos: here.

Green Heron with a Fish, photo by Ron Osborne: here.

20 thoughts on “The Netherlands: green heron. Yellow and pink flowers

  1. Here in N. California we have Egrets, cattle or little egrets, blue herons and black crowned night herons. Green herons are somewhat rare and pretty exciting, but not as exciting as they would be in Europe.


  2. Hi Jon, thanks for commenting. People in Amsterdam who first saw the green heron mistook it for a night heron (a rare breeding bird in The Netherlands), not expecting a green heron.


  3. Regarding the “didn’t like GW” comment. Could it be the heron is there to spread some sanity in your lost world? Is it missionary or emigrant? Who’s to know. Surely not you.
    Just a thought…


  4. This is a stoic and beautiful example of a Green Heron. You are fortunate to have seen it. As far as Bush goes, there was a President who voted with his heart. Too bad he didn’t a little more good advice.


  5. Just saw my first Green Heron in a wooded stream area in the middle of a city in south eastern Los Angeles County. It was very shy, moving many times forward then reversing itself as I walked along a trail. Did the same upon my return in 1.2 hour. Re. Bush – Do you miss him yet? I sure do.


  6. Re #7: good that there are still areas like that in cities. I cetainly don’t miss Bush, and neither will the families of the over 1 million Iraqis, ten thousands of Afghans, ten thousands of Somalis, over 6,000 US soldiers, etc. who died in his wars for Big Oil.


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