Sparrowhawk against crows, and many wigeons

Magpie and sparrowhawk, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

16 November 2013. In the Zeevang area, in Noord-Holland province, the Netherlands. A sparrowhawk tries to sit down on a big tree. However, other birds constantly quarrel with it, trying to drive the raptor away. Sometime jays; sometimes carrion crows; sometimes, like in the photo, magpies.

Already before arriving at that tree, we had seen beautiful birds. In a meadow, grey lag geese and white-fronted geese. A buzzard sitting on a fence. Many northern lapwings and golden plovers.

A sparrowhawk flying; probably not the same one as later at the tree. A common gull on the meadow.

Wigeons, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

In the ditches of Zeevang nature reserve, not only mallards, but also very many wigeons.

Male wigeons, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

Wigeons are beautiful, if you get the chance to look at individuals closely.

Egyptian geese.

A kestrel on a fence. Then, the sparrowhawk conflicts already mentioned in the introduction.

A great cormorant.

A grey heron. A great egret.

Many barnacle geese.

White-fronted geese, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

And white-fronted geese as well.

A hare running.

Three shelducks. A great cormorant dries its wings.

Teal amidst the many wigeons.

A curlew.

A peregrine falcon cleans its feathers on a pole.

Many hundreds of golden plovers flying in starling-like formations.

Curlews, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

Groups of curlews on a meadow.

Curlews and cows, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

Moorhens in a ditch.

Stay tuned, as there will be more about Zeevang birds on this blog.

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