USA: the neoconservative bankruptcy. Francis Fukuyama

Fukuyama's bookRecently, United States neoconservative Francis Fukuyama broke with his former pals.

That did not solve all problematic points about him, according to this book review in London daily The Morning Star:

The neocon legacy

(Monday 01 May 2006)

After the Neocons by Francis Fukuyama
(Profile Books, £12.99)

GEOFF SIMONS explains how US pundit Francis Fukuyama got it wrong on his theme of US “benevolent hegemony.”

Francis Fukuyama is one of that growing band of pundits who are safely cloistered over their keyboards, who now reckon that perhaps the US-led invasion of Iraq was not such a good idea and that, in any case, the post-war “peace” has been badly handled.

So far, so honest and so mind-numbingly obvious.

If I were religious, I’d utter some cliche about welcoming a sinner called to repentance.

As it is, I deplore Fukuyama’s self-satisfied navel-gazing, the way he glosses over history and the sheer silliness of some of his comments.

Iraq war and Bush’s 2003 ‘Mission accomplished’ speech: here.

And here.

See also here: A mea culpa on Iraq by pro-war journalist Johann Hari.

Project for a New American Century: closing down?

US neocon Zinsmeister on art, war, etc.: here.

British pro war “Euston Manifesto”: here.

German neocon Di Fabio: here.

US Republicanism, Scientology, and Staussianism: here.

Theocons: the Roman Catholic far Right: here.

Neoconservatism and Commentary magazine: here.

32 thoughts on “USA: the neoconservative bankruptcy. Francis Fukuyama

  1. Mon, 01 May 2006 14:26:06 -0400
    From: hapi22
    Subject: *Mission accomplished, three years later*

    Yes, today is an anniversary .. three years ago today Bush The Bogus
    stood on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, under a banner that read,
    “Mission Accomplished” and told the world that major combat in Iraq was

    We were the victors, he claimed.

    Yeah, right.

    At that time 140 American soldiers had been killed.

    An additional 2,260 have been killed since than — and countless
    thousands have lost their arms, their legs and their sight fighting in

    Some days, the only thing a sane person can do is SCREAM — or sob.

    As for Colin Powell, he’s a few years late with his “confession.” Is he
    just trying to clear himself with God before he dies for NOT resigning
    when he clearly understood that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were leading
    our soldiers into a slow slaughter?

    Shame on Colin Powell.


    *Mission accomplished, three years later*

    by Tim Grieve
    May 1, 2006


    Read this at:


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