Tropical butterflies and night herons

This is called Blue Morpho and Owl Butterfly. ‘Video of these two beautiful species taken at the Gainesville Butterfly Rain Forest’.

Immediately after entering Artis zoo in Amsterdam yesterday, three free flying pigeon species: wood-pigeon; domestic pigeon; and collared dove.

It is raining, so into the aquarium building. Short-tailed nurse sharks. And upside-down jellyfish. They are reproducing in this aquarium; which many people considered impossible not so long ago.

The butterfly house is new for Artis. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of beautiful butterflies flying around in the hothouse temperature. Mainly tropical butterflies like blue morphos and owl butterflies; but also monarchs.

There are also some non butterfly eating birds in the hothouse: quails; and Gouldian finches (see also here).

After the rain stops, we see some wild birds flying free: night herons. This species is very rare in the Netherlands. However, there is a small breeding colony of them in this zoo, near water.

In the water, gibbons live on an island. Ring-necked parakeets flying around.

In the reptile house, newly hatched animals. A pancake tortoise, one year old. Frill-necked lizards, hatched on 19 May this year. Seven young sand boas, hatched on 18 April.

From the train on my way back, a great cormorant on a windmill near Lisse. Canada geese on a meadow a bit later.

6 thoughts on “Tropical butterflies and night herons

  1. How wonderful, a butterfly house. And its encouraging to hear that there is a breeding colony of night herons at the zoo, even though small. This year, I saw no black crowned night herons at my favorite lake. That’s a first, there are usually a small number of sightings for me there.


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