Coronavirus crisis in Donald Trump’s USA

This 30 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Locals anxiously await checks after President Trump signs off on stimulus bill

For some, a $1,200 check will offer relief. However, it could take several weeks for that money to arrive and the rent is due Wednesday…

TRUMP DELAYS STIMULUS CHECKS TO ADD HIS NAME President Donald Trump’s name will be printed on the economic stimulus checks that will be distributed by the Internal Revenue Service to individuals to help mitigate losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic . The addition, ordered by the Treasury Department, is expected to delay the delivery of paper checks by several days. [HuffPost]

Never before was any United States president’s name added to such documents on financial payments to citizens.

PRESIDENT SHIFTS BLAME TO WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Trump used Tuesday’s White House coronavirus press briefing to blame the World Health Organization for thousands of deaths while not acknowledging his own administration’s flawed response. Trump announced that the U.S. would be halting funding to the WHO while it conducts a review. This comes as the Trump administration has faced mounting criticism over its slow response to the crisis. [HuffPost]

Trump has grown increasingly aggressive, casting blame on governors, reporters and international health officials rather than what critics have said was a slow national response as cases appeared. [HuffPost]

TRUMP’S CABINET MIA AS PANDEMIC RAGES The White House has tried to reassure the public that it’s on top of the coronavirus pandemic, declaring it an “all-hands-on-deck effort.” Yet as the disease has ripped through the country, many of Trump’s Cabinet members have been largely invisible or have failed to use the powers of their agencies to respond to a crisis that has shut down the economy and killed more than 20,000 Americans. [HuffPost]

TRUMP CAMPAIGN RELEASES WEAK LIST OF ‘DECISIVE ACTIONS’ Pressed for what he did between January and March to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Trump claimed: “A lot.” His campaign soon offered 20 items from February. But items on the list attributed to Trump personally are mainly his statements about the virus and his self-proclaimed success in containing it. His two sentences in his Feb. 4 State of the Union address, in which he claimed he would take “all necessary steps” to protect Americans, is listed as an accomplishment.[HuffPost]

Rita Wilson had “extreme” side effects from unproven drug touted by Trump.

NYC DEATHS SOAR WITH ‘PROBABLE’ FATALITIES INCLUDED The official death toll from the coronavirus soared in New York City on Tuesday after officials began including people who probably had COVID-19, but died without ever being tested. City officials reported 3,778 “probable” deaths, where doctors were certain enough of the cause of death to list it on the death certificate, and 6,589 confirmed by a lab test. Combined, that would put the total fatalities in the city over 10,000. [AP]

Everyone Wants an Antibody Test. Everyone on This Private Island Can Get One. The tests show whether someone has been exposed to the coronavirus. They’re being provided to everyone in an exclusive Florida community that was able to pay for them: here.

WWE Now Considered ‘Essential Business’ In Florida During Coronavirus Pandemic. The governor’s office said that World Wrestling Entertainment is “critical to Florida’s economy”: here.

U.S. social distancing could last until 2022.

What happens if we end social distancing too soon?

What doctors on the front lines wish they’d known a month ago.

Stop blaming Black people for dying of the coronavirus.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus crisis in Donald Trump’s USA

  1. Dear friends,

    Trump just halted all funding for the World Health Organisation … in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    It’s sickening. Without the WHO’s critical life-saving work across the world, tens of thousands of poorer people could die. Key governments are meeting right NOW for emergency talks — let’s send them a deafening call to save the WHO and ensure any treatments and vaccines are available for all who need them most!

    Sign and share now — when we reach 1 million, we’ll deliver our voices with ads in media around the world to stand against this selfishness!

    Join the urgent call to save the World Health Organisation!

    We’re already seeing countries hoarding medical supplies, and we don’t even have a vaccine yet. If rich countries compete to get their hands on them when they come, there won’t be enough to go round, and this crisis will become a catastrophe.

    This is a global crisis and we need a global cure — no country should be left behind.

    And it’s not just about a vaccine — we need to cooperate across the globe to share other medical supplies to come out of this stronger.

    G20 governments and EU leaders are holding emergency talks to plan the global response to this pandemic. Sign this massive call now, and let’s demand our leaders launch an urgent global alliance to save the WHO and save lives everywhere:

    Join the urgent call to save the World Health Organisation!

    The coronavirus is scary, but we’re all in this together and right now our collective voices are more powerful than ever. Let’s help protect as many lives as possible now and make sure something beautiful can blossom from this crisis. We’ve never believed more in our global community — we can do this together.

    With fierce hope,

    Risalat, Christoph, Sarah, Alaphia, Bert, Luis and the rest of the Avaaz team

    Trump to halt WHO funding amid review (The Hill)

    What does the World Health Organisation do? (Deutsche Welle)

    New vaccines must not be monopolised, G7 tells Donald Trump (The Guardian)

    In Scramble for Coronavirus Supplies, Rich Countries Push Poor Aside (NYTimes)


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  3. Thursday, April 16 @ 7pm EDT/4pm PDT

    Register to participate via Zoom Video conference

    Updated Speakers List!

    Recorded remarks from Mumia Abu-Jamal
    William Camacaro – Bolivarian Circle. Speaking from Venezuela
    Shani Akilah – Black and Brown Workers Cooperative, Philadelphia, PA.
    Teresa Gutierrez – WWP San Antonio, TX
    Lee Siu Hin – China – U.S. Solidarity Network
    Brian Shea – Boston, MA WWP Disability Rights Organizer
    Dominic Harris – Charlotte, NC Water Department, President of Charlotte City Workers Union chapter of UE Local 150
    Anika Ilyana – Cardiology Intern, WWP Portland, OR & organizer of car caravan to Portland Detention Center

    Hosted by:
    Makasi Motema – Organizer, Peoples Power Assemblies NYC
    Judy Greenspan – WWP Bay Area, CA

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inherent cruelty and dysfunction of the racist, for-profit U.S. healthcare system.

    Tens of thousands are dying, overwhelmingly Black, Brown, Asian and Indigenous people as the disorganized capitalist system fails to provide care. Capitalism has failed: we need revolutionary socialism to build a healthcare system that provides free care for all, that is anti-racist and supports people with disabilities, and that is organized for the needs of working and oppressed people, not the profits of the 1%.

    In this Thursday’s webinar, Workers World members and allies will discuss the racist, dysfunctional nature of the U.S. healthcare system, and why we need revolutionary socialism to build an alternative.


  4. Earlier this month, bombshell research revealed that coronavirus patients in areas with high levels of soot air pollution are 15% more likely to die from the virus than patients in areas with cleaner air.

    And before the news broke, scientists and even staff within Trump’s EPA pushed for stronger air quality standards — the science is clear, and people are dying. An announcement at the EPA was scheduled for this morning.

    Even in the face of this new research, the Trump administration’s official response is: They will do nothing. Administrator Andrew Wheeler has announced they will hold to the inadequate National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

    That means unsafe levels of soot pollution. Even in normal times, this kills people. And these aren’t normal times.

    We need to fight back. The EPA isn’t doing its job, and we need to raise hell until it does. That means fighting legal battles, it means campaigning, and it means organizing. But to pull that off — we need you.

    A donor is triple-matching every gift made to LCV right now. Please, donate today. Even $5 can make a huge difference »

    I want you to know — this is only the most recent attack on clean air from the Trump administration. Under cover of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration is moving quickly to dismantle virtually every bedrock environmental safeguard we have.

    Just as coronavirus was starting to sweep the U.S., the Trump administration put out a new proposal that will prevent policymakers from using vast swaths of data from public health studies. In the middle of a pandemic, they’re restricting access to science. This is what we’re up against.

    But Lola — we CAN stop them. It’s going to take an extraordinary organizing effort. It’s going to take legal work. It’s going to take aggressive pressure campaigns to Congress. All of that is only possible with your help.

    The best thing you can do to help is make an emergency donation. A donor is still triple matching every contribution right now.

    We need your help to pull this off. Please — make an emergency donation today »

    Thank you, for everything that you do for the environment.

    Stay safe — and stay healthy.

    LCV Rapid Response Team


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