Saudi regime beheads 37 people on one day

This September 2014 video says about itself:

Beheadings In Saudi Arabia

The ISIS beheadings have shocked the world. But other countries routinely use beheading as a form of execution too. Pat Abboud looks at Saudi Arabia.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In Saudi Arabia, 37 people were executed in one day. They have been killed by decapitation. According to the Ministry of the Interior, these Saudis were involved in terrorist activities.

The problem is that the Saudi authorities have an extremely wide definition of terrorism. Eg, they consider the activists, jailed for advocating the right of women to drive cars and now threatened with beheading, and atheists to be ‘terrorists’.

As this 25 April 2019 video says, these 37 beheaded people were Shia Muslims. Shia Islam is a terrible heresy according to Saudi state religion.

According to the ministry, the verdict is supported by a royal decree.

The ministry’s statement also said that the bodies of two executed men were shown in public. They hung on a pole for a few hours. …

The last time so many people were executed in one day in Saudi Arabia was in 2016. According to human rights organization Human Rights Watch, 47 men were killed on 2 January of that year … It was then the largest mass execution since 1980.

8 thoughts on “Saudi regime beheads 37 people on one day

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