More bloodshed in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

This 5 April 2019 video says about itself:

Troops belonging to Libya’s strongman Khalifa Haftar were pushed back on Friday from a key checkpoint just 27 km from capital Tripoli.

He had ordered his troops on Thursday to march on the capital, escalating a conflict with the [Tripoli] government.

Militiamen from the coastal town of Zawiya retook the base after a “short exchange of fire”, though Haftar has vowed to continue the fight.

Latest news on the proxy oil war between Macron‘s France and Salvini‘s Italy, waged by pro-Salvini paramilitaries against pro-Macron Haftar paramilitaries. Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Despite appeals to calmness and restraint, there is fear internationally of a new civil war in Libya.

Not really new. It never stopped ever since NATO’s ‘humanitarian‘ 2011 regime change war.

The government in Tripoli, threatened by the Libyan National Army of warlord Haftar, has announced a counter-offensive called “Volcano of Anger”.

Prime Minister Sarraj of the … government in Tripoli had a military spokesperson declare that the operation aims to clear all cities in the country from illegal forces. Sarraj blames Haftar for plunging the country into a new cycle of violence, and says that only personal motives play a role for him. …

Both parties have combat aircraft with which attacks are carried out. Since Thursday, 23 people are said to have been killed in the fighting.

Today there was a battle at the international airport of Tripoli, 24 kilometers south of the city. Yesterday Haftar’s troops reported that they had taken the airport. …

The US government has withdrawn some of its soldiers from Libya, given the unpredictable situation on the ground.

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