12 thoughts on “More Libyan blood for more Libyan oil?

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  3. In essence the colonial powers are responsible for wars and violence justified by a neurosis of the elite controlling power that gives the masses the idea they have voted a moralistic nefarious government in a so called elected front of a minority of vested interests.


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  8. Journalist seized by group of gunmen

    LIBYA: The Libyan Centre for Press Freedom (LCPF) said yesterday a journalist has been kidnapped outside his home.

    Motaz Kraif worked for Libya al-Ahrar TV and the al-Wasat newspaper, known for its hostility to Islamist politics.

    The LCPF said witnesses had seen four gunmen force Mr Kraif into a vehicle on Tuesday night and drive off.

    In the past three months, three journalists have received death threats, three have been assaulted and eight have been kidnapped, it said.



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