French President Macron victim of own authoritarianism

This 31 March 2019 video from France is called (translated) Emmanuel Macron‘s full burnout? “Luckily he’s wearing makeup, otherwise we would see his real situation”.

Translated from Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad, 2 April 2019:

“Macron on the verge of burnout”

According to his inner circle, the French president is not doing well. They testify to the French newspaper Le Parisien that Emmanuel Macron is completely exhausted by the “lonely” way in which he exercises power. He wants to be in control as much as possible, but that is not without consequences.

The past year in which his country staggered from one crisis to another has left its mark on Macron, who is now 41 years old. The energetic and driven impression that the head of state invariably leaves behind in public appearances is only a facade. His loved ones know better and are very worried. The politician is exhausted. A burnout is lurking. …

Worst manager ever

… Macron is increasingly dependent on himself when exercising power. The situation is likely to become problematic. Since the start of his mandate, the president has seen many members of his team leave. Substitutes are hardly found. “All Macron confidants have disappeared. He is the worst manager which the world has produced”, Le Parisien says.

Meanwhile the protests of the yellow vests are continuing and the president is risking even more sleepless nights. In the meantime, some have begun to doubt his capacity to defuse the crisis in his country. “I don’t see how the crisis can end. With spring in sight, the yellow vests will soon be organizing barbecues on the roundabouts in Paris”, says a worried friend.

Macron dreams of nipping the unrest in the bud with a measure that produces a “wow effect” and blows everyone off their socks. But his intimates see that gloomily. “If he disappoints, then he is done. And he will disappoint … “

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