Coca-Cola gets award for misguiding consumers

This 4 December 2018 German video is about awarding Coca-Cola the 2018 ‘prize’ for misguiding consumers.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Smartwater by Coca-Cola will receive the Golden Shel-less Egg award for the most misleading product this year. The award is an initiative of the Foodwatch action group.

Foodwatch notes that the consumers in the election this year have not opted for classic deception, but for marketing talk. “In fact, it is just very expensive water, which is up to five times more expensive than other mineral water in the supermarket. When you compare it with tap water, it is roughly a thousand times more expensive and just as healthy”, says the organization. …

Eight nominees

This year, eight products were nominated for the Golden Shel-less Egg. 12,000 votes have been cast. 30 percent of the votes went to the winner, Coca-Cola Smartwater.

In second place was Venco Honey Licorice. According to Foodwatch, this licorice contains 150 times more sugar than honey. The third place is for Cullinella olive oil from Aldi. According to Foodwatch’s findings, only 21 percent of this is olive.

Aldi has since announced that the product is being modified. Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Vomar have also announced that they will adjust their own products that have been nominated.

Companies watch their steps

Foodwatch is pleased that the products are being adjusted and says that there is also a preventive effect by nominations. “Corporations do not want to be nominated and certainly they do not want to win, which is why they start watching their steps on the misleading information about products.”

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