Coca-Cola plastic greenwashing

This Greenpeace UK video says about itself:

Coca-Cola – Stop choking our oceans

12 May 2017

Coca-Cola make over 100 billions throwaway plastic bottles every year.

90% of seabirds have eaten plastic. Coke need to take responsibility and stop choking our oceans.

Email Coke’s CEO: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Coke recycle plans more flat than fizz

Thursday 13th July 2017

PLANS by Coca-Cola to make half of all its plastic drink bottles from recyclables was branded more “flat” than “fizz” by green campaigners yesterday.

The soft drinks giant said it would double the proportion of recycled plastic in all 20 of its bottled brands, which include Sprite, Fanta, Smartwater and Schweppes, from 25 per cent to half.

However, environmental campaign group Greenpeace poured cold water on the announcement.

Ocean plastics campaigner Louise Edge said: “Coke want us to think this announcement is full of fizz, but when you look at the detail, it’s pretty flat.

“They’re doing nothing to genuinely challenge the culture of throwaway single-use plastic bottles and what little action they’re taking is restricted to Britain, when ocean plastic is a global issue.

“Coke are still part of the problem, not part of the solution. They should be pushing for an industry-wide deposit return scheme so far fewer plastic bottles end up in our oceans.

“This company has a history of making green announcements that sound good but deliver little.”

On August 10 [2018], workers at four Coca-Cola United bottling facilities in the Mobile, Alabama area went on strike after the company offered them a contract that included increased insurance rates, a two-percent pay raise for existing employees, and a pay cut for new employees. The previous contract with Teamsters Local 991, covering 275 workers, expired in July and the workers had been on the job for three weeks after that on an extension when the new contract was offered: here.

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