14 thoughts on “Aldi corporation spying on female customers, workers

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  6. Saturday 17th September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    GMB members will protest in Cardiff on Monday to force supermarket giant Lidl to abide by a High Court ruling forcing it to recognise the union.

    Activists will start a campaign of demos across Britain with a picket of a Lidl store with people dressed as High Court lawyers to shame Lidl over its contempt for the law.

    GMB regional secretary John Phillips called on Lidl to take “the legal jackboots off GMB members’ rights at work” and “respect the laws in this country.”

    Mr Phillips demanded Lidl “abandon attempts to subvert these rights and begin to bargain with their employees and to extend collective bargaining to their hard-pressed retail workers.”

    GMB won a landmark victory when the Central Arbitration Committee ruled in favour of granting union recognition to Bridgend distribution centre staff, subject to a ballot.

    Lidl has now lost two court battles while trying to subvert the original decision and is now challenging it in the High Court.


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