Rhino and ceratopsian dinosaurs, how big?

This 14 September 2019 video is called Triceratops vs Rhinos and Elephants Size Comparison.

Another, 29 November 2018, video used to say about itself:

A walking animated rhino vs Ceratops species. Christmas is one month away lol and for that we will showcase to you this video on comparison of rhino size vs the size of ceratopsian species.

In this video, you shall see the walking animated white rhinoceros of over 6 feet in height and a list of large and small ceratopsian species shall slide one by one in ascending order of size. We included extinct Triceratops, extinct Eotriceratops, extinct Pachyrhinosaurus, and other small and large ceratopsian species.

The size of these ceratopsian species are all from mid to large estimates and so the same goes to the size comparison of the white rhinoceros (rhino) against these extinct dinosaurs.


7 thoughts on “Rhino and ceratopsian dinosaurs, how big?

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