French Yellow Vests update

This 10 December 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Richard Wolff Gives Reason For France’s Yellow Vest Movement In One Damning Chart

For the fourth consecutive Saturday, “yellow vest” (gilet jaunes) protestors demonstrated yesterday across France against the right-wing government of Emmanuel Macron. They did so in defiance of ominous threats of state violence and a massive mobilization of security forces: here.

This 9 December video, in French with German subtitles, says about itself:

Yellow vests: a movement of the workers against social inequality

WSWS reporters interviewed demonstrators in Paris.

As the movement of the “yellow vests” expands, the Macron government is trying to intimidate it with fierce repression. One of the main founders of the movement, 33-year-old truck driver Eric Drouet, posted on Facebook Friday that the police had raided his home in Seine-et-Marne. He added that he would have been taken into police custody had he been home at the time of the police intervention, and that his wife had been questioned: here.

With the fourth Saturday of “yellow vest” protests against President Emmanuel Macron, a mass movement is clearly emerging among workers against the capitalist system. Macron’s withdrawal of the regressive fuel tax hike that initially triggered the protest resolved nothing. Among the “yellow vests”, demands for social equality, large wage increases, Macron’s ouster, eliminating the privileges of the super rich, an end to militarism, and for general strikes and a revolution are coming to the fore: here.

German workers have expressed sympathy with the mass protests of the “yellow vests” in France. Many workers in Germany share the same grievances and recognise they also confront policies that favour the rich: here.

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