British Conservatives and foodbanks, B-52s parody song

This 4 December 2018 parody musical video from Britain is called The MP-52’s – Food Bank (”Love Shack” parody).

The song Love Shack was by the B-52s.

The parody is about British Conservative MPs going to food banks for photo opportunities. While their government‘s harsh anti-poor people policies drive more and more people to food banks.

The video says about itself:

Just when you thought food banks couldn’t get any more uplifting.


If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says
“Fifteen miles to the food bank”
Food bank, yeah
I’m headin’ down to the local Baptist Church
Lookin’ for a photo opportunity
Putting the spin on austerity

I got me a heart, it’s as big as a whale
So I’m headin’ on down to the food bank
I got me some tinned soup, it feeds about twenty
So hurry up and bring your food bank vouchers

The food bank is a little old place where
You can get some beans
Food bank, baby

Sign says, woo, please donate food
The Spam’s good at the food bank
Well, the UN said we’re unconscionable
So we’re here for some snaps to show we’re really good chaps
Grinning at your hunger
Grinning at your poverty
Grinning at your homelessness
Grinning at your ill health

Entrenched poverty in the UK is manifested in the escalating number of foodbanks, which provide emergency food parcels to the needy. There are now over 2,000 foodbanks across the country, not including those that operate in schools. This is substantially more than the 1,300 branches of McDonald’s fast food chain in Britain: here.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019: Tory austerity forces parents to rely on baby banks for essentials – time to kick them out.

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