Dutch billionaires even richer

This November 2017 Dutch video says about itself (translated):

Below the Line • Poverty in the Netherlands

Poverty is relative. Few people realize that there is indeed poverty in a prosperous country like the Netherlands. In this short documentary, Sjan tells her personal story. Her experiences are supplemented with explanations and ideas from the municipality of Tilburg and the food bank.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant, by Wilco Dekker, 4 November 2019:

Quote 500: richest people richer again, record number of billionaires

New ammunition for the debate about the growing gap between rich and poor: the nation’s richest have once again had a great year.

While economic growth seems to be leveling off, the wealth of the 500 richest Dutch people grew by double digits (10.1 percent) in the past year, to a total of 179.8 billion euros. Due to the successful state of affairs, the number of Dutch billionaires rose to the record number of 37, six more than one year previously.

This is evident from the new Quote 500 that was presented on Monday evening. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken remains the leader of the rich people list, with 14.2 billion euros, 11 percent more than a year earlier. …

Only 37 women

A year earlier, the wealth of the wealthiest persons grew even faster, with 11.6 percent. The average capital of a Quote 500 member is now 359.6 million euros, almost 33 million more than a year earlier. The lower limit to reach the national list rose by 8 million euros to 88 million. Interesting detail: the Quote 500 only has 37 women, 7.4 percent of the total. The vast majority [of these women], including [heiress] Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, did not collect the assets themselves. …

[As for families], the C&A Brenninkmeijer family remains number 1, with 22.5 billion euros. According to Quote, the Van Oranje-Nassau [royal] family remains stable at 1 billion euros, good for twelfth place.

The accumulation of wealth at the top leads to concerns about the growing gap between rich and poor and the call to tax the richest people more. … “I have never had to pay as little tax in my entire career as a businessman as now,” says Aat van Herk (biotech and real estate, 2 billion euros) in the Quote 500 publication.

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