British Conservatives’ homophobic Irish allies, parody song

This 16 October 2018 parody musical video from Britain is about the DUP, the fundamentalist religious Northern Irish party with links to terrorism, on which the British Conservatives depend to prop up their minority government since they lost their majority at the last election.

It says about itself:

Bally Joel – DUP town Girl

Last night there was an electrical storm in Northern Ireland and a radio playing Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” was struck by lightning. This is the result.


DUP town girl
Get an abortion and you’ll go to Hell
And if you just so happen to be gay
The Lord will come on down and he will say,
I’m gonna smite you

DUP town girl
No, evolution did not make the world
Nor is it under threat from climate change
You know that Planet Earth has only been here
Six thousand years

We’ve got a covenant for government enshrined
One billion smackers for confidence and supply
Old Testament is back!
Listen mac, whip goes crack

On a DUP town girl
You know we can’t afford to buy her pearls
Oh hang on, yes we can, ‘cause now we’re rich
Theresa May signed up to be our bitch
So now we’re rich

DUP town girl
She’s in a room with Angela Merkel
Negotiating for the whole UK
And now there’s no sign of Theresa May
Where did she go?

2 thoughts on “British Conservatives’ homophobic Irish allies, parody song

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