Homophobia in Trump’s USA

This 28 October 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

Here’s Exactly Why A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against LGBTQ Rights

There’s a lot of confusion over Trump’s views on LGBTQ rights, but make no mistake: he’s against same-sex marriage and transgender protections.

TRUMP BANS VISAS FOR PARTNERS OF GAY DIPLOMATS The State Department this week stopped giving visas to the same-sex partners of diplomats working at the United Nations. The White House argument is that same-sex couples must marry to remain in the country together. Only fair, right? No. As the administration knows, gay marriage is not an option in most countries. So chalk this up as another
Trump attack on the LGBTQ community. [HuffPost]

US introduces ‘needlessly cruel and bigoted’ visa policy for same-sex partners of foreign diplomats: here.

WHITE NATIONALIST ALSO A HOMOPHOBE Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) criticized the National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday for supporting a candidate for Congress who is gay. [HuffPost]

EVANGELICAL UNIVERSITY REINSTATES QUEER BAN The board of trustees at Azusa Pacific University, a prominent evangelical school in California, reinstated an outright ban on queer relationships after an administrative decision last month to lift a ban on romantic same-sex relationships. The board sent out a statement that reaffirmed its “biblical and orthodox” view of marriage — seemingly preparing students for adulthood by pushing an unlettered worldview. [HuffPost]

TRUMP GREEN-LIGHTS FOSTER CARE DISCRIMINATION The Trump administration has granted a federally funded foster care agency in South Carolina the right to freely discriminate against potential foster parents who are LGBTQ or who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic or other non-Protestant faiths. [HuffPost]

Actress Ellen Page called out Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for promoting hate against LGBTQ people in an impassioned plea on “The Late Show” Thursday night.


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